Moving in to your property

Once you have moved into your new property, a member of staff will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your scheme facilities. This will ensure you are confident in your property and aware of the communal facilities that are available. If you have any questions regarding your new property, please inform a staff member who will be happy to assist.

Safety checks

We encourage your involvement in regular health and safety risk assessments of our premises and of our service. If you would like to be involved in such checks, or have any concerns about any health and safety issues, please let a member of staff know.

Fire safety

All customers should make themselves aware of the fire safety guidance to follow if a fire should break out in their home or wider building.

Heating your home

If your scheme is heated by a gas boiler and it breaks down, we will endeavour to fix the problem within 24 hours. However, on the rare occasion when this is not possible, we recommend you consider the option of having access to an electric heater, so that you have an alternative source of heating.