We ran a customer satisfaction survey in October and November 2020 using Customer Plus, an independent survey specialist. 571 customers that took part in the survey and had their say. The feedback has helped us understand what is important to you and what we can do to further improve our services.

The results from the survey show that 86% of our customers are satisfied with the services Living Plus provides, including over half that are very satisfied. On the other end of the scale, 4% of customers are dissatisfied. We will be making improvements throughout the year to make sure customers are satisfied with the service we aim to provide.


Read the Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary

What customers said

Here are the things customers told us we need to focus on in order of priority.

Our Retirement Living customers said:

  1. Improve the quality and appearance of services, homes, and gardens
  2. More opportunities to improve health and well-being
  3. New homes and services to meet the diverse needs of customers

Our Support Services customers said:

  1. More opportunities to improve health and well-being
  2. More opportunities to learn new skills for work or home
  3. New homes and services to meet the diverse needs of customers

This feedback will play a big role in helping to further improve our services. By understanding where we need to improve, we can help really focus on these areas so that we can make a lasting difference and shape a better future for Living Plus.

What we’re going to do

We have created an action plan for the areas you feel further improvements can be made. We have identified four key areas we really need to focus on to make a difference:

1. Improve customers’ homes

  • Further improve communication and joint working between our internal teams to make sure a high-quality repairs and maintenance service is provided to customers.
  • Identify improvements required for flats, communal areas, and furniture & equipment replacement.
  • Update customers on planned maintenance and investment work within their service.

2. Listen to our customers’ voices and improve our communications to customers

  • Listen to our customers voices when they give us feedback and tell us what they think.
  • Communicate clearly with our customers with relevant and timely updates about their service.

3. Tailor support to help customers with health and wellbeing, finances, and digital technology

  • Discuss support options available to customers and get regular feedback on support provided.
  • Make sure our team have regular training and skills needed to provide appropriate support to customers.

4. Safety and security of customers’ homes

  • Further improve joint working between our internal teams and local services to improve safety and Health and Safety compliance.

We will continue to keep you up to date on this page as we progress through the action plan and make further improvements to our services.

We are passionate about putting people first and involving our customers at every opportunity.  We invite customers to join our new national and local customer panels to represent customer views and help us to improve our services to you. 

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