Equality and diversity

Living Plus is committed to reflecting diversity and delivering equality in all aspects of what we do. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination (either direct or indirect) and we take positive steps to reflect this in our work.

We treat everyone fairly and see the diversity of our communities and workforce as a positive strength. In addition to building strong communities with a sense of togetherness, our aim is for all our customers to realise their potential and benefit from the cultural, social and economic vitality of our neighbourhoods.

We will meet your needs to the best of our ability and understand that delivering equal outcomes does not always mean treating everyone as if they are the same.

If you would like more details about our Equality and Diversity policies, and how we put these policies into practice, please speak with the member of staff at your scheme, or contact us.

Equality and Diversity Department
Tel: 01772 667003


Living Plus will ensure that all information relating to our customers is held and used securely, in such a manner that protects your rights and guarantees your safety. Whilst wishing to protect service users' rights to privacy, Living Plus recognises that there may be occasions where the information we hold has to be shared with others in order to protect the safety of the scheme, an individual service user or other people.

We will always act in accordance with the Data Protection Act.